QLD Events

Below you will find details of all the Bowls Club Events to be held by registered clubs in Queensland for the coming year. This will constantly be updated throughout the year as events change and new entries will appear as more clubs register.

Jan 2017

Jan22MareebaAustralia Day Open FoursPrizes
29DurongTed's Memorial Mango DayPrizes
TBAMapletonAustralia Day Social BowlsPrizes
TBADurongGirls In The Bush DayPrizes


Feb5WarwickOpen Fours CarnivalCash
11-12PittsworthMen's Fours CarnivalCash
12Southern CrossOpen Fours CarnivalCash
18DurongBlue Jocks Prostate DayPrizes
26MapletonMen's Beef DaysPrizes
26The SummitOpen TriplesCash
TBAClevelandMega MondayCash
TBAKandangaPig Day Men's Fours$900


March2Southern CrossLadies P&M/Gala DayPrizes
5CliftonMen's FoursPrizes
5KandangaMen's Pig Day$900
8Southern CrossTurkey TriplesPrizes
11Southern CrossGrafton Rose Bed & Breakfast Sponsor Day$200
12Warwick EastMen's Fours CarnivalCash
14Warwick EastLadies TriplesPrizes
16-17KandangaLadies 2 Day FoursCash
25DurongPatrons DayPrizes
26KillarneyOpen Fours CarnivalCash
27 - 2 AprilBroadbeachWorld Youth Championships
28TannymorelLadies P&M/Gala DayPrizes
TBAMiriam ValeSeafood DayPrizes
TBAMapletonBeef DayPrizes
TBAClevelandMega MondayPrizes


AprilMarch 27 - April 2BroadbeachWorld Youth Championships
2StanthorpeOpen Fours CarnivalCash
5InglewoodLadies P&M/Gale DayPrizes
8DurongBig Scrub Mixed foursCash
8MaryboroughPresident's at HomePrizes
15-17Musgrave HillEaster Open Singles$10,000
17-30BroadbeachBowl England
20The SummitLadies Gale DayPrizes
20-21Kandanga2 Day Invitation Ladies PairsPrizes
21MaryboroughLadies 4 A SidePrizes
23Musgrave HillOpen Fours$3,000
23Southern CrossBrisbane Visit In - Lunch & BowlsPrizes
23TannymorelOpen Fours CarnivalCash
29Miriam ValeMens FoursCash
29MaryboroughMen's Fours Carnival$5,000
30KandangaKandanga XXXX Men's Fours$1000
30NambourRSL Open Fours$1,200
TBABroadbeachEngland v's Australia - 3 Day Test
TBAGoondiwindiLadies P&M DayPrizes
TBAClevelandMega MondayPrizes
TBATannymorelLadies Gala DayPrizes
TBASouthern CrossWickham Family Social Sponsored DayPrizes
TBAWarwick EastSingles CarnivalPrizes
TBAMapletonMay Day CarnivalPrizes


May6-7MaryboroughMens Fours$2,000
13DurongMother's Day BowlsPrizes
13Southern CrossWickham Family Sponsored Fun DayPrizes
13Goondiwindi2 Bowl TriplesPrizes
14Goondiwindi3 Bowl TriplesPrizes
201770Cec Partington Mixed Fours Carnival$3,000
20InglewoodMen's Pairs CarnivalPrizes
21InglewoodMen's Fours CarnivalPrizes
21KandangaFish and Chips Day Open 2 Bowl Triples$600
21MapletonMen's Beef DayPrizes
24GoondiwindiLadies P&M/Gale DayPrizes
28Musgrave HillOpen Fours$3,000
28TexasMens Triples CarnivalPrizes
31MaryboroughLadies Open TriplesCash
TBABroadbeachDistrict Sides Championships
31 May - 2 June BroadbeachTrans Tasman


JuneMay 31 - June 2BroadbeachTrans Tasman
3-4Musgrave HillMen's Pairs 2 Day event$5,000
3-7BroadbeachMulti Nations
7TexasLadies P&M/Gala DayPrizes
8-9BroadbeachBlue Diamond Pairs
10-23BroadbeachAustralian Open
10-23Musgrave HillAustralian Open
18KandangaMen's Pig Day$900
23-24CoolangattaBonanza Mens Triples
24Southern CrossFrank O'Mara Memorial DayPrizes
25NambourNambour 2000 Open Fours sponsored by G & A Dorreen$2,000
27MapletonLadies FiestaPrizes
29KandangaLadies Past Presidents DayCash
30MaryboroughLadies President's at HomePrizes
TBAPoint LookoutReef N Beef$2,100
TBAMooloolabaBonanza Mixed Pairs$700
TBAMooloolabaBonanza Open Pairs$700
TBAMooloolabaBonanza Open Pairs (AM)$700
TBAMooloolabaBonanza Open Pairs (PM)$700
TBAMooloolabaBonanza Open Pairs$700
TBAMooloolabaBonanza Ladies Pairs$700
TBAMooloolabaBonanza Open Singles - AM/PM Quals-
TBAMooloolabaBonanza Open Singles$600
TBAMooloolabaBonanza Open Pairs (night)$500
TBAMooloolabaBonanza Open Pairs (AM)$700
TBAMooloolabaBonanza Ladies Triples$1,000
TBAMooloolabaBonanza Ladies Classic Fours$1,500
TBAInglewoodLadies P&M/Gala DayPrizes
TBAMooloolabaBonanza Open Pairs (AM)$700
TBAMooloolabaBonanza Mixed Triples (PM)$1,000


July1KandangaPrestige Mixed Medly Carnival$1,200
2KillarneyOpen Fours CarnivalCash
2Musgrave HillOpen Fours$3,000
6MareebaMareeba Rodeo Mixed TriplesPrizes
8&9GoondiwindiMens Fours CarnivalPrizes
8MareebaMareeba Rodeo Mixed Fours Self-SelectedPrizes
9MareebaMareeba Rodeo Open Fours Self-SelectedPrizes
13MareebaMareeba Rodeo Mixed Triples Club-SelectPrizes
16Southern Cross70th Anniversary Celebrations & CarnivalPrizes
20KandangaPatroness Aileen Horne's DayPrizes
261770Caravan Park ChallengeCash
27Southern CrossSilly Socks Charity Bowls DayPrizes
29 & 30Miriam ValeMixed FoursCash
30Musgrave HillOpen Fours$3,000
30NambourOpen Fours$1,200
TBABroadbeachOver 60's Pairs
TBAMooloolabaBonanza Open Pairs (PM)$700
TBAMooloolabaBonanza Open Pairs (night)$500
TBAMooloolabaBonanza Mixed Fours (PM)$1,000
TBAMooloolabaWinter Bowls Open Pairs$800


Aug5DurongPatroness DayPrizes
5Southern CrossNolan's Bowls DayPrizes
13CliftonMens Fours CarnivalPrizes
20InglewoodOpen Triples CarnivalPrizes
20KandangaFish and Chips Day Open 2 Bowl Triples$600
20MapletonMen's Beef DayPrizes
26 & 27Miriam ValeSmileys Memorial WeekendPrizes
28CoolangattaOpen 2 Bowl Triples
TBABroadbeachBlue Ribbon Pairs
TBASouthern CrossHope's Social Sponsored DayPrizes
TBASouthern CrossClaire's PairsPrizes
TBACliftonMen's Fours CarnivalCash
TBAPoint LookoutStradbroke 10,000$16,500
TBAInglewoodOpen Triples CarnivalCash
TBAWeipa$40,000 Classic$40,000


Sept3KandangaMen's Pig Day$900
3Southern CrossFather's Day BowlsPrizes
10WarwickOpen Fours CarnivalCash
14CliftonPast Presidents Gala FoursPrizes
18CoolangattaLadies 6 A Side
21Kandanga"Come out to Play" Mixed FoursCash
22MaryboroughLadies 4 A SidePrizes
23-24KandangaSuper Singles$800
24Musgrave HillOpen Fours$3,000
29StanthorpeQuick Fours Carnival$3,000
30 - 1 OctCalliope CentralMen's Fours$10,000
TBA1770Barefoot & Bowlers Day$2,000


Oct30 Sept - 1 OctCalliope CentralMen's Fours$10,000
7 & 8Miriam Vale Select FoursCash
14DurongBreast Cancer Charity DayPrizes
15KandangaRed Gully PairsCash
15StanthorpeOpen Triples CarnivalCash
19KandangaMixed Country Fours$800
20MaryboroughLadies VIP DayPrizes
22KandangaBeef, Bowls and Booze Day Mixed Fours$1000
28Miriam ValeSeafood DayPrizes
28-29The SummitApple Blossom CarnivalCash
29NambourScorpio Day Fours$1,200
TBACalliopeCalliope Community Bank Gold Classic Mens Fours$10,000
TBAWarwickLadies P&M Gala DayPrizes
TBAGlasshouseMixed Fours Spring Carnival$2,000 plus
TBAMt GravattOpen Pairs Carnival$5,000
TBASouthern CrossRSL Downs Diggers VisitPrizes
TBAClevelandMega MondayPrizes
TBADoon VillaLadies Halloween CarnivalCash
TBAThe SummitLadies Gala DayPrizes


Nov5TannymorelOpen Fours CarnivalCash
7Southern CrossMelbourne Cup Social BowlsPrizes
11-12TexasMens Fours CarnivalPrizes
13-14BroadbeachLadies Invitational Pairs$3,000
14Warwick EastLadies P&M/Gala DayPrizes
181770Open Fours Carnival$3,000
18Miriam ValeSeafood DayPrizes
18-19Warwick EastMen's Fours CarnivalCash
19MapletonMen's Beef DayPrizes
26 Southern CrossOpen Fours CarnivalCash
TBAMaryboroughLadies Jacaranda Fours CarnivalCash
TBADoon Villa2 Day Mixed CarnivalCash
TBATexasMen's Fours CarnivalCash
TBATexasMen's Fours CarnivalCash
TBAMt GravattLadies-6-A-Side CompetitionPrizes
TBAMapletonXmas Cake DayPrizes
TBAMaryboroughOpen Mixed Triples (any combo)Cash


December1Maryborough90th Anniversary
9Southern CrossXmas Party Social BowlsPrizes
TBADurongXmas Party Social BowlsPrizes


Jan 2018TBAMareebaAustralia Day Open FoursPrizes
Feb 2018TBAPittsworthMen's Fours Carnival$4,500
May 2018TBAMaryboroughMen's Fours$2,000 minimum
July 2018TBAMareebaMareeba Rodeo Mixed Triples Self-SelectedPrizes
July 2018TBAMareebaMareeba Rodeo Mixed Fours Self-SelectedPrizes
July 2018TBAMareebaMareeba Rodeo Open Fours Self-SelectedPrizes
July 2018TBAMareebaMareeba Rodeo Mixed Triples Club-SelectedPrizes

Non-registered Clubs – If you would like to see your events listed here, then please complete the Advertise Form and submit it to us. Once your entry is processed your club details will be placed on the Updates page and your events will be listed on the Events Calendar for your state.

Registered Clubs – If you have a bowls event that is not already listed here or you need to add a new event or change details for an event, then please complete the Events Form and we will update our listing to include your Bowls Event/s.