Welcome to the Travelling Bowler website.

History: The Australian Bowls Directory (ABD) was first published in 2008 and was the national lawn bowls directory for all Australian Bowlers.  Demand for the directory and the specifically designed information has now seen it outgrow its popular print format.

The Australian Bowls Directory is proud to now bring you the “Club Directory” and the “Travelling Bowler” website. This new live and interactive website now gives traveling bowlers everything they need to continue to enjoy the game of bowls regardless of where they travel. Those without access to the internet can still take out a subscription and receive requested information which will allow them to fulfill their desire to continue to participate in the sport at different locations around Australia.

Bowls clubs have been an integral part of the Australian sports scene since 1845.  To date we see the sport continuing to grow and attracting players from as young as primary school age to those in their 90′s.  Lawn bowls is a game of skill enjoyed by players on a daily basis and has the very recognizable benefits of fulfilling the following criteria:
* Competitive sport * Social interaction * Health benefits * Accessible to able and disabled players
* Affordable sport for all ages

Travelling Bowler will continue to promote these strengths and will also feature:
* Club locations around Australia
* Club registration
* Club website details to keep you up to date on what is happening at particular clubs
* Feature clubs
* Access to supplier information
* Special travel features
* Travel packages.